High Brix Baby

I was searching for info on growing potatoes and found this page about little bugs that are eating potato crops:

These are my (Kay’s) strategies for dealing with Psyllids:
High Brix first, probably around 12. Insects will not see the potatoes as insect food, different vibration that they actually aren’t attracted to.

I had no idea what High Brix meant, so I searched it out and found this page:

and found out all this cool information…

When used on plant sap Brix is primarily a measure of the carbohydrate level in plant juices.

High Brix Foods Have Greater Carbohydrate Levels

High Brix Foods Have Greater Mineral Density

High Brix Foods Taste Better
Have you ever eaten a 22 brix grape? Once you have you won’t forget the taste.
Todays average 2-3 brix hydroponic greenhouse tomato looks like a tomato but it has virtually no aroma and is nearly tasteless. It is a poor caricature of what a tomato should be.

High Brix Plants Are Insect And Disease Resistant
Plants in poor health emit an electo-magnetic frequency that insects tune in to. This in effect calls them in for a feast. Plants in good health emit a different frequency that insects do not tune in to. Nature has been designed to use insects to get rid of poor quality plants that are unfit for human consumption. In the same way a poorly balanced soil will produce plants susceptible to disease. Properly balanced soil will produce plants resistant to disease.

So now huge pieces of understanding are clunking into place in my brain.Poor quality food creates the conditions for infestation and disease, and agribusiness just puts poison on the growing plants rather than improving the quality. Smooth moves agribusiness.


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