Brain Waves Baby

I had heard of Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief through other reading for many years, and was recently prompted to read it because of a discussion with our electrician. One of the fun facts in there is about the brain waves of the developing mind. Our baby just turned one and it’s incredible watching her massive capacity for learning, her powerful need for and love of new experiences. And turns out her brain waves are in a totally different zone from ours..

Between birth and two years of age, the human brain predominantly operates at the lowest EEG frequency, 0.5 to 4 cycles per second (Hz), known as Delta waves… A child begins to spend more time at a higher level of EEG activity characterized as Theta (4-8 Hz) between two and six years of age.
– The Biology of Belief, p163

These are the frequencies that are used in hypnotherapy when we want to work with the subconscious to create deep new learning or behavioural change. And kids are in that zone most of the time, programming in huge amounts of information from their environment.

It shows how differently they are operating from adults, and how deep their experience will go. They are forming their understanding of the world and laying down the patterns that will frame up the rest of their lives.


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