The Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting #2

I am reading Moranthology, by Caitlin Moran. This I know is on the backburner but I think it will be nice to return to once I have had a decent dose of the Moran.

My little baby is two and almost three quarters. It’s her third summer ever and our third summer on the island.

I am still sad about our miscarriage. It was a month ago.

My man is halfway through the mega-supplement detox buildup before getting his nasty toxic root canals removed.

We don’t have enough money to go through the whole process, but it’s gonna happen somehow.

I have a nice collection of freelance design work on the simmer.

Beautiful pics (scroll down) from Down a Long Driveway by Mary Gaudin.

I am learning to understand my dreams, and in them I keep meeting and finding ways to reject my animus. I want to bring him closer. The feeling of him is home.

I need to think more about earth coding and worms.



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