It’s raining on the island. Our tank had sunk down low, but this should keep us going into autumn. This should be the drought-breaker. Every summer there are a couple of months where it hardly rains, and so far we have just made it on our tank water.
Right now on EarthWindMap a large cyclone is heading our way.

This evening I am watching a doco about water, its theft from communities and commodification by companies. At 25:25 in the movie Tapped one of the interviewees describes the bottled water phenomenon:

“We’ve become like big toddlers, we’ve got the nipple to our lips constantly. We need to know there is something there just for us that we can then throw away… and we want it immediately available and convenient otherwise we will have a fit.”

Living with a toddler myself, I can see her point. We really haven’t settled down into adulthood as a culture. When will we learn to tidy up?


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