Catch a teaspoon

GVB-nymphsFound this in Conscious Gardening by Michael J Roads (p261) – might try it on the green vege bugs this summer and report back…

Organic Insect Spray
Some people may find this a bit repugnant because you use the insect you want to repel as the basis for the spray. Despite this, it is very effective, and harmless to other insects. Catch a teaspoon of the species of insect you want to get rid of and liquidise it in a cup of water. Stand this in the sun for one day, strain it through an old stocking and mix it with 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water. This is now pathogenically potent for the pest insect, and is a powerful repellant on an energetic level. Do not use a mixture of insects.

Have you ever looked at an insect in relation to a teaspoon?


2 thoughts on “Catch a teaspoon

  1. Hey thanks for your comment! It’s the tangle of the modern world isn’t it? Materially we are pretty much hooked up to the grid, the island I live on we all collect our own water and our own shit, but electricity/internet etc we are totally hooked in. For me, off grid is a way of thinking about being in this world that pushes against the edges of the dominant hyper-consumer lifestyle… Mostly I just pop stuff here to remember what I have seen and thought.

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