Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting


An Interview with Jorge Luis Borges
Reality Is Perplexing Enough

Merely a Man of Letters
Jorge Luis Borges: an interview
Philosophy and Literature 1 (1977): 337-41

Grace Paley, The Art of Fiction No. 131

Artist in Residence

Family Residency Initiative


The Weekly Service

Beautiful stories from The Weekly Service held every week in Melbourne:

“We are witnessing the end of the old story of the world – a story of separation from ourselves, each other and the planet. A new story of reunion and connection is emerging. Our mission is to help write this new story by offering the experiences and information people need to reimagine a life filled with more meaning, love, gratitude, compassion, awe and connection. We believe that if more people are deeply connected to themselves, each other and nature, this planet and all its inhabitants will thrive.”