Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting


An Interview with Jorge Luis Borges
Reality Is Perplexing Enough

Merely a Man of Letters
Jorge Luis Borges: an interview
Philosophy and Literature 1 (1977): 337-41

Grace Paley, The Art of Fiction No. 131

Artist in Residence

Family Residency Initiative


The soil is who we are, and there are flowers on your head

A few more threads in the weave… I went searching for some new podcasts, and on one of those meanders that started at Expanding Mind with Erik Davis (thanks Laura!), leading through the Progressive Radio Network to Derrick Jensen’s Resistance Radio, and finding myself in the realms of the herbalists. Rosemary Gladstar’s name came up on For the Wild, and then I was drawn to the title of this episode, Nina Simons on the Holistic Endeavor of Shifting Culture. When I get super clear in these synchronous moments, I realise that my deepest commitment is to consciousness, and in particular the worldview shifts that the dominant culture needs to make to… to what? Save our planet/save ourselves/save our souls?

Nina Simons says at 15.30 “I have come to understand that there are as many ways to respond to the multiple, interdependent crises and challenges we face as there are human beings… and that communication is absolutely a form of activism, and so is raising children…”

At 31.20, she quotes Tiokasin Ghosthorse saying:

In my language, the word we use to describe the soil means, Who we used to be.

My ongoing love for language, art, activism, and my political insistence on the magical properties of my own daily life are symptoms of this deeper consciousness, though I find it easy to get lost in the busyness of the superficial, even with these commitments in place. And although there is a genre of eco-folk that seems to be required listening when researching interesting ecostuff, I even liked some of the music in this one:

[Note to podcast makers everywhere: if you have song you are considering for a musical interlude that starts with a freaky whisper, maybe don’t use it. You need to consider that you are in my head. I listen to podcasts when I am lying beside my little girl as she falls asleep. A freaky whisper in my head at the end of a normal human conversation is just frightening.]

From the podcast, I went on to check out Nina Simons’ project Bioneers. I found the art, and found the flowers.

Mud Baron

Catch a teaspoon

GVB-nymphsFound this in Conscious Gardening by Michael J Roads (p261) – might try it on the green vege bugs this summer and report back…

Organic Insect Spray
Some people may find this a bit repugnant because you use the insect you want to repel as the basis for the spray. Despite this, it is very effective, and harmless to other insects. Catch a teaspoon of the species of insect you want to get rid of and liquidise it in a cup of water. Stand this in the sun for one day, strain it through an old stocking and mix it with 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water. This is now pathogenically potent for the pest insect, and is a powerful repellant on an energetic level. Do not use a mixture of insects.

Have you ever looked at an insect in relation to a teaspoon?


Just finished reading Aliens & Anorexia, and fresh in love with Chris Kraus

Talking about Thomas Gokey’s art/activism 31:00
CK: “Social practice infused with the drive and spiritual juice that makes it like art, this other type of mode of working and being at the same pitch and intensity…”
TG: “Maybe I should give up on the art world completely… I want to make art and be a human being.”

YM: “CK’s attention to the specificity of people’s lives…”

Mmm, nice. So true, so ‘feminine’. It’s this space she creates that feels a little like breathlessness, but is actually breathing room. Breathless because it’s exciting to feel like the specifics matter. Breathing room to live a life of emotions, ideas, politics and art, and feel as if that is enough.